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Dear Jim Hendry

By Brittany Feagans []

Dear Jim Hendry,

You are a sad excuse for a General Manager. Theriot, Fontenot, Lilly, Lee... and that's just in the past month! I would ask if you've lost it, but I'm not sure you ever actually had it.

C'mon Hendry, Atlanta was desperate. In first place and down Glaus and Jones, the Braves are a team we could have really bartered with. But no. Instead of bartering, you dealt Derrek Lee, a three-time Golden Glove winner and two-time All Star, for three "prospects." I'm sorry, but a "prospect" should be someone who is ready to play in the Majors. No offense to Robinson Lopez, Tyrelle Harris, and Jeffrey Lorick, but they've still got a few years left to cook in the Minors before they're "well done" and ready to play in the Big Leagues. Starlin Castro was a real prospect, and look what he's done for the Cubs upon being called up!

Hendry, for all we know, Lopez, Harris and Lorick will fade away and never even get past AA. Call me pessimistic, but I guess that goes hand-in-hand with being a diehard fan of the team you continually screw over.

I understand preparing for the future, rebuilding, and seeing what our rookies are capable of, but essentially dumping DERREK LEE? Yeah, he hasn't had the best year, but really-- he's DERREK LEE! Setting his six errors and sore back aside, he's a fan favorite and, more importantly, a leader for this franchise. The Cubs without Derrek Lee is like Ren without Stimpy, Angelina without Brad, the White House without Obama.

I was dismayed to see Lilly, Theriot, and Fontenot go, but now I'm irrate. If you're going to trade someone as valuable as Derrek Lee, at least make an offer for someone of value! Four of our best players were all essentially gift-wrapped and served to our opponents on a golden platter. And for what? "Players to be named later?"

Unfortunately for Cubs fans, due to the naivety of the Ricketts, we're stuck with you Hendry. What the Cubs need to do is organize a riot and dethrone you once and for all. But oh, wait... you already quieted The Riot a few weeks ago. No wonder it's been 102 years.


Brittany Feagans, on behalf of Cubs fans everywhere


  1. I agree word for word. i wish we could trade GM's

  2. Here here, henry has put us in the biggest hole ive ever seen. Because of his large signings we have to trade people who actually mean something to this team over guys we want to get rid of. and than he doesnt even get us anything for them, cant wait till hes booooed at the convention this year so he knows what cub fans really think of him, lilly and theriot were my last straw with him, millions of cub fans hate him with a passion and im one of them, thanx for breaking our hearts hendry and being one of the worst gm we have EVER SEEN!!!!!! GO CUBS

  3. I, for one, don't have a clue what the long term plan is for the Cubs. It's depressing to say this, but I'm not sure the Ricketts do either. In trying to make some sense out of the last couple of weeks, the only consistent theme I can come up with is "save a buck". Worse yet, it's "save a buck" without any worry about the future. I think the Ricketts just may be the worse thing to EVER hit the Cubs.

  4. My dad actually calls the Ricketts the "Wreck-Its" because of their naivety with the Cubs organization and baseball in general. It's not their fault, but Hendry's been around since what... 2002? Someone needs to pick him up a copy of Baseball For Dummies!

  5. Good Grief. The White House without Obama? Hell, if that analogy were true, the Cubs might now still make the post season in 2010.

  6. Why won't wreck it trade hendry for a GM to be named later?

  7. i support your comments 90% because what we get from Atlanta, but every Cub fan has to understand that there are times that players (and good players) need a change of scenery. if you have checked Dlee's last 3 season he has been a Double play machine the numbers have gone down (i know last year was great but in the second half) and a leader should be producing more! besides he has back problems to bad personally but thats no guarantee that he will be 1000% next year, lets see how well he goes in the last 5 weeks of the season.....