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All Talk, No Action

By Brittany Feagans []

For most of the United States of America, Veteran's Day is celebrated once a year on November 11. At Wrigley Field, however, Veteran's Day happens with the frequency experienced in the movie "Groundhog's Day."

Day after day, game after game, the starting lineup consists primarily of veteran ballplayers-- many of whom are past their prime. Ramirez, Soriano, Lee... have they really become just washed-up big names?

The main problem takes place in the outfield. With five "starting" outfielders fighting for three positions, it tends to be the low men on the totem pole that get benched. Regardless of performance, the higher-paid vets get sent out to play more times than not. When addressed with this issue, Piniella vaguely says he's working on the problem and will be looking to give the youngsters more playing time. The real question, Lou, is WHEN?

It seems that during the 2010 season the only way the Cubs can squeak out a win is if we get a lucky pinch hit, or if Carlos Silva is pitching. The problem with this? Silva only pitches a fifth of the games, and as we saw on Saturday's ugly defeat, even if Silva pitches one Hell of a ballgame, we need to score more than one measly run to win. Wake up, offense.

With the exception of Starlin Castro becoming the everyday shortstop, Lou hasn't given our talented young players much opportunity. At all. It seems the once outspoken Sweet Lou is now all talk no action.

Sure, Soriano's a big name, and the fans love him. But the fans love winning more. Sori's had almost 100 more at-bats than Colvin, yet Colvin has higher marks in the OBP, SLG, and AVG categories. Colvin has also hit six home runs in 98 ABs. Compare that to Soriano's 10 homeruns in 193 ABs, and we've got a competition.

The thing the Cubs have to accept is that the future is in these kids. Castro, Colvin, Cashner, Stevens... they are the future of the Chicago Cubs.

And fine, so we're stuck with Soriano through 2014; why not teach Colvin how to play third base? Or first base? Don't get me wrong, I've always been a fan of Lee and Ramirez, but Lou-- it's not their year. They aren't just slumping. Throw Colvin into the infield mix and see if that sparks some fire under their under-productive cleats.

Lou needs to realize that if he wants the media to stop dogging him, LISTEN TO THE MEDIA. Listen to the fans. Listen to the bloggers, the newscasters, the opponents even. Whatever he's doing isn't working. We're tired of a "Groundhogs Day"-esque season of disappointment. Let the kids play. Hell, it's not like it can get much worse.


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