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Deals to Consider

By Garrett Monaghan

I've been a little surprised this past week by the sheer number of Cubs rumors flying around the internet. Depending on who you want to believe, the Cubs are currently shopping Zambrano, Lee, Bradley, Soriano, Dempster, Fox, Ronnie Woo-Woo, and the Bud Light Fan Cam Operator.

With new owners taking the reins soon, it wouldn't surprise me to see the Cubs make some major changes during the winter. The front office is undoubtedly going to pay the price for the team's lack of success this season, but some changes in the clubhouse are also a distinct possibility. Here are a few deals the Cubs might want to consider:

Derrek Lee to the Giants

What they get: Derrek Lee and cash

What we get: Jonathan Sanchez, Nate Schierholtz, and a couple minor leaguers

Why it makes sense: Lee is one of the cornerstones of the franchise, a clubhouse leader, and enjoying one of his best offensive seasons ever. Unfortunately, he's 34, a free agent after the 2010 season, and making about $13 million a year. The Giants are desperate for offense, particularly at first base, and they've got the one commodity everyone in the game wants: young pitching. Sanchez has been erratic for most of his career, but he threw a no-hitter this season and appears to be well on his way to figuring things out. At worst, the Cubs get a power-armed lefty reliever; and at best, they land a future front-end starter. Lee is a California native, so I doubt that he'd exercise his no-trade clause.

Carlos Zambrano to the Red Sox

What they get: Big Z

What we get: A combination of young pitchers, outfielders

Why it makes sense: The Red Sox have some question marks in their rotation going into next year, and Big Z would give them a solid #3 starter, which is about the level he's pitched at over the last few years. Boston has some promising power arms out of the bullpen, and a number of decent young outfielders, and could probably put together a tempting package of both. Boston's also one of the few teams in the league with the ability to absorb Zambrano's salary, and a deal here could benefit both teams.

Alfonso Soriano to the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters

What they get: The worst left fielder in the National League

What we get: A year's supply of sashimi

Why it makes sense: Anything that gets Soriano out of Chicago makes sense.

Milton Bradley to the Amsterdam Pirates

What they get: Milton

What we get: A year's supply of Gouda

Why it makes sense: Dutch professional baseball could use a boost, and Milton would at least provide some appropriate theatrics. Amsterdam might be the only city on the planet where Milton could learn to relax.


  1. What do you have against the Ham Fighters and the Amsterdam Pirates?

  2. You are just plain mean. Trading those two can end up causing an international incident. Cub fans will not be able to travel to Japan or Holland wearing their Cubs hat without the fear of being attacked or worse, someone peeing on their sushi. Can you image going to Amsterdam and being denied a joint?

  3. Great article. I wouldnt say Soriano's the WORST left fielder in the...oh wait....yes I would.