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Stay Classy, Chicago

By Brittany Feagans 

            By now, everyone has heard of the Cubs fan who chucked an overpriced beer at Shane Victorino during last week’s loss to the Phillies.

          Sure, it was shaping up to be an ugly game for the Cubs, but one ornery Bleacher Bum made it even uglier with his unsportsmanlike conduct.

            I mean, come on people, if we were going to get our keisters kicked, at least it was by a good team, the defending World Series Champions.

            If he was going to throw that beer, he could have at least waited until we play the White Sox.

           Fortunately for the fan, Victorino didn’t press charges.

            Perhaps the fan was trying to take some of the heat off of the Cubs’ slacking offense by turning the attention on himself. I can only hope his obvious inebriation clouded his judgment.

            With the chance of making the playoffs slowly slipping out of their grasp, the Cubs need to hold on to the one consistency they’ve maintained over the years: their loyal fan base.

            The last thing this franchise needs is to become branded with the label Sore Losers. The Loveable Losers moniker is bad enough.

            Another prime example was Zambrano’s switch-hitting smack down versus the innocent Gatorade dispenser a few months ago, which led to a lengthy suspension.

            It has become apparent that this year’s Chicago Cubs have a beef with beverages.

            And with the Cubs struggling mightily to maintain the reputation they’ve gained the past two winning seasons, it’s important for people to continue supporting their team, not focusing on temper tantrums from distraught devotees and players alike.

            Since when does frustration turn into classless retaliation?

            No respectable team is going to take us seriously if we whine and resort to moronic methods of vengeance every time a call doesn’t go our way. We need to start showing Major League Baseball that the past two seasons were not just a flash in the pan.

            Lineup changes, demotions, and new acquisitions haven’t made a lasting difference so far.

            Maybe the Cubs should recruit the now-infamous Beer Thrower. After all, he has good aim and, according to security, is hard to catch on the run.

            One thing’s certain—the Cubs need to start retaliating with their bats, not with beverages.


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