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Shut Up Milton

By Garrett Monaghan

If Milton Bradley put half the energy into hitting baseballs that he does in devising new ways to put his foot in his mouth, the Cubs might not be in quite as much trouble as they are right now. Bradley's latest off-field gaffe, claiming that he "faces hatred" on a daily basis, is just another in a long line of babyish rants by an overpaid, overplayed, under-performing loser. If Bradley hates playing in Chicago so much, he's free to void his contract and leave any time. That is, if the organization's new owner doesn't decide to ship Bradley and his bloated contract off to the first team dumb enough to take him on.

With the Cubs' season essentially over and the team's sale all but complete, it might be time to start auditioning a few youngsters who actually want to play baseball. The Cubs don't have an overabundance of minor league outfield talent, but Tyler Colvin is starting to rake in AA, and it might not be a bad idea to give him a few of Bradley's at-bats since Milton clearly doesn't want them.

With a new owner coming in, Jim Hendry probably isn't going to be around very long. Whoever takes over the team's reins is going to have to deal with a series of bloated contracts to awful players like Soriano and Bradley. With any luck, somebody will be able to spin them off for a new bat rack and a bucket of baseballs.


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