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Gopherball Gregg Strikes Again

By Garrett Monaghan

In a sight that has become all too familiar over the course of the season, the Cubs watched another victory fly off into the sunset on the back of a baseball delivered by Kevin "Gopherball" Gregg. Gregg gave up a three run walk-off homer to Kyle Blanks in the bottom of the ninth last night, as the Cubs lost 4-1 to the Padres.

The home run was the twelfth Gregg has given up on the year, and the third walk-off home run he's surrendered this season. Ignoring the fact that the offense was 1-8 with runners in scoring position, and that the Cubs managed to make Kevin Correia look like the next coming of Bob Feller, I think it's safe to say we've seen enough of "Gopherball" Gregg for the season. Lou is clearly fed up with him, and I think it might be about time for Gregg to pull some kind of Farnsworthian stunt (kicking a fan, punching a wall, suggesting Zambrano could lose some weight, etc.) to land himself on the DL and make room for a fresh arm.

I'll be interested to see who Lou hands the ball to in the ninth from here on out, but my money's on Angel Guzman. As good as Carlos Marmol is capable of being, and he's been ok lately, he's just too inconsistent to trust with the game on the line. Guzman has been much steadier over the course of the season, and his control has been much better. The only concern I have about seeing Guzman close is over how is arm will hold up to the additional workload. Guzman's always been fragile, and if he gets hurt, the bullpen is pretty much doomed.

Coming combined with another Cardinals victory, this loss puts the Cubs six back in the division, and four games out of the Wild Card hunt. Unless the Cubs can salvage the remainder of this series and then turn in a sterling performance against the Dodgers, it's entirely possible that the Cubs will face an insurmountable deficit in both races by the end of the week. Lou and the Cubbies need to figure out something fast, or they'll be sitting at home watching somebody else play in October.


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