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Who the Cubs should send down.

by: Mauricio Rubio Jr.

The rollercoaster ride known as the Chicago Cubs will hit a crossroads on monday, with important desicions to be made about who will get sent down and who will stay with the big league club as Reed Mantle and Rammy the Savior will come up after rehab stints that day.

Interestingly enough, the choice might not come down to who is playing the best baseball, but who has options left as the Cubs will have to juggle performance and logic.

On the block are Jake Fox, Micah Hoffpauir, Sam Fuld, Andres Blanco, Kevin Hart, and perhaps Jeff Samardzija. Personally I'm a fan of sending Kevin Hart and Micah Hoffpauir down, but I wouldn't be dissapointed to see Fox and Hart if only to give Fox more at bats in the minors and perhaps some time in another position.

Fox has major league power, but it is his only tool, and one that while impressive, will not excues any miscues that he has in the field. Hart is a fine player, but he does not have the stuff to compete with the big boys, and would be well served to spend some time in the minors.

Everyone's favorite back up is hitting .245 after getting off to a sizzling start, but predicatbly he has cooled while Derrek Lee has been carrying the team. More on that tomorrow. Andres Blanco has no options left, and his glove can be a valuable asset late in games for the baseball stupid Theriot and limited range Mike Fontenot.

The Cubs would not bring up Jeff just to demote him and burn one of his minor league options, so I don't think it will be Jeff.

Fuld has future value, but his bat might not be all it seems, we've seen the quick start movie with others like Bobby Scales and Micah Ruth. I'd like to keep Fuld up, but I also see where the Cubs would send him down.

These will be major choices the Cubs will have to make, and they may affect how the division shakes down.

Of course, if the Cubs' big boys start to bring their lumber and actually hit, then no one will care who got sent down, because the Cubs cruise to a division at that point.


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