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When Will Pinella Blow?

We are all hoping for a display of fireworks like that fateful June afternoon two years past. You know, the one where a call that was clearly correct brought a fiery Lou Pinella out of the dugout then got him ejected and suspended. The one that made the Cubs to realize just how much they were underperforming. Say what you will about whether or not that tantrum turned the Cubs around but this season Lou has been nothing but silence and claims that things have to pick up. But do they?

The Cubs are under performing in a division of under performers. They have a solid twenty plus wins less than they did this time last year and are sitting in fourth place instead of first. Where is the wake up call Lou?

What the team needs is not a conference behind close doors, something Pinella has already said he hates, what it needs is a swift kick in the rear end. You cannot be shut out by the Pirates and hold your head high. The Cubs need to be talked to like they are back in little league forgetting to tag up on a sac fly.

The reservation that Pinella has shown to come down on the Cubs hard this season is appalling by any standards considering the level of play he’s getting from his players. An “exchange of words” between himself and Bradley should have been just the beginning.

The Cubs are not a second rate team on paper, and Lou is relying on this fact to keep sane, but he’s forgetting that baseball does not exist on paper, and if he doesn’t do something to ignite this team's sense of urgency, the Cubs could easily slip into central division obscurity.

This is not a bashing of Lou’s tactics (ok, maybe it is) but rather a call to arms. Where are the boos from the stands, the tough questions from the media to Hendry and Pinella, where is the Lou that knew getting ejected doesn’t just get him a few second on Sportscenter, but makes his players remember how invested he is in winning.

Jose Acevedo


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