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Hey now your an all-star

So Ted Lilly is the only Cubs all star. I guess no one should be surprised we all knew someone had to go and a starting pitcher is probable the best choice. Let's look at the position players. 1st base; while Derrick Lee has been hot as of late there are a lot of very talented 1st baseman in the National and there's no all star spot for him. 2nd base; well Mike Fontenot has been moved back and forth between 2nd and 3rd and hasn't really put up the number to have been considered for the all star team. Shortstop; while Theriot has been good for the Cubs he appears to be just a little below an all star caliber type player. I won't be surprised if some year he ends up being voted on by the player. 3rd base; if Aramis Ramirez had been healthy all season he would have a claim to being on the all star team and might have even made it. Of course with the injuries he's had this season there's no way he's on the team. Leftfield; Soriano finished fourth in the fan voting, but has had no where close to an all star type of season. I'm actually a little surprised he got so many fan votes with the year he's had. Centerfield Fukodome was a fan pick last season and I thought he'd recive more fan support this season as well. He hasn't had an all star type of season, but I thought with all the votes that Ichiro recieves from the Japanese fans that Fukodome might pick up a few more votes. Rightfield; Milton Bradley is normally only liked by the fans of the team he's playing for at the current time. After some of the altercations he's had with some fans I can't se him receiving a lot of votes from non Cub fans. He also hasn't put up all star type numbers. Catcher: Soto may be the biggest first half disappointment on the Cubs. After an all star appearance last season and winning Rookie of the Year he's struggled this season. I wonder how much the shoulder he injured early in the season affected him. He never used it as an excuse, but I believe it hurt his production early on. Pitching wise Randy Wells may have been the best pitcher on the staff during the first halk of the season. He never seemed to be able to pick up a win though as the bullpen gave a lot of his games away. If he could have managed to get six (6) or seven(7) more wins he would have been an all star. Bullpen wise the only one down there who has been having a solid season is Angel Guzman and he just got back from being injured. Marmol hasn't been as sharp this season as last season and Kevin Gregg has had his ups and downs all season long. So it's Ted Lily and only Ted Lily representing the Cubs in the mid summer classic this year.


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