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The one where Hendry goes for Aardsma

by: Mauricio Rubio Jr.

Angel Guzman was just placed on the 15 day DL with pain in his right side, which is never a good thing. Guzman is no stranger to the surgeon's table as a variety of ailments have kept him from delivering on any of the immense promise he showed in his youth. Now 27, it appears as though he is at least showing some of that "Mini-Pedro" hype that came with him. But guys with his injury history will always find Mr. DL, and this is his time to go for a visit.

Which is at the very least a bit unsettling for a Cubs pen that at best has been inconsistent and at worst made even the most ardent of fans reach for the Pepto whenever Savebot would come into the game. Marmol hasn't had any control, and people are starting to hit his fastball. The aforementioned Gregg has been on a tear lately, but he does have a bad tendency to allow too many base runners. (As an aside, he's had 8 1-2-3 innings this year, but only two of those came during one of his 11 saves).

Aaron Heilman always has base runners on, and the rest of that pen is either bad or fluctuating between Chicago and Iowa. I would love for the Cubs to move for some pitching help, but the one move that I would absolutely love for the Cubs to make is to re-acquire David Aardsma.

Aardsma always had control problems and gave up too many bunny balls for this to be a viable option before, but he seems to have figured something out. Hits, ERA and home runs are all down, he is inducing more ground balls, and most importantly, his team is bad.

The problem is still that he walks too many, and Jim Hendry is notorious for not admitting a mistake, but Aardsma would solidify a bullpen desperately in need of it. At the very least Aardsma gives the pen help, and if everything works out he can make that pen very dangerous.

I'd love Hendry to make this move, and we'll see what he does at the deadline, but he needs to do something to either acquire a bat, or get another bullpen arm.


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