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Cubs/Sox Report, Jun. 22

The Cubs and Sox split their first season series and have another coming up this weekend. That series did not tell us much about either team, but we did learn quite a bit in the last week.

We learned that if the Sox played in the NL, they would have a much better record than they have now, as most AL teams would. And, if the Cubs played in the AL, they would be toast and Lou would have been fired by now.

You cannot take a day off in the American League.

All teams, with the exception of CLE, OAK, and KC, are better than most of the National League.

With the exception of David Patton and Jason Waddell, two players I had never heard of before this season, the Cubs can pitch.

The Cubs are fourth in MLB in team ERA, first in quality starts, and second in batting average against.

I like the staff, minus the two bums.

Scott Linebrink needs to retire.

I know his numbers are “good,” but it is like he has sucking figured out. His numbers are phony: Good ERA (2.16), bad WHIP (1.52), bad BAA (.272), and more hits than IP.

He does strike hitters out and does not walk anyone, but hitters enjoy seeing Scott Linebrink on the hill.

Just ask Aramis Ramirez and Derek Lee.

Alfonso Soriano is brutal.

He was my favorite Cub, but now I have lost all pride in saying he is my favorite player.

I cannot say that anymore.

I am sorry Fonzy, but you have lost everything at the plate. You have no confidence, but I will be cheering for you when you hit six HRs in one week.

Scott Podsednik is a beast.

Even with that goofy stance or whatever the hell he does in the box, the guy does not stop hitting. His career ended when the Sox won the title, but, now, a few years later, a resurgent Scotty Pods is trying to spark this Sox offense.

I still think Ted Lilly is the best pitcher in Chicago (Buehrle is second). I am a Cub fan so I am biased.

And, if the Cubs make the playoffs, guess who is starting Game One...not Carlos.

Paul Konerko has been the team MVP and same goes for Derek Lee. I used to call Lee 6-4 Lee due to his propensity to ground into double plays.

But now, he is on fire and we found out who the leader of the Cubs is. I was also making fun of Paul Konerko before the season started, and he has done nothing but hit all season, hats off to him.

Danks, Floyd, and Buehrle is a great starting staff. The youngsters are struggling through this season, but their numbers will be better than good by the end of the season and beyond.

Alexei Ramirez has been smoking hot lately, good for him. He was awful in April and May.

Chris Getz is a defensive wizard and is a total joy to watch play defense.

I love Chris Getz on defense.

Josh Fields is swinging his way back to AAA, and Dewayne Wise is not a big leaguer.

Gordon Beckham smoked his first major league HR against a tough Johnny Cueto, tough for an NL pitcher, I guess.

You can add a run to his ERA if he pitched in the AL.

The Sox really miss Carlos Quentin and the Cubs need Aramis Ramirez back.

Milton Bradley is the hottest singles hitter in baseball right now.

Can Ryan Dempster throw strikes?

I thought James Loney was at the plate with the bases loaded last start.

Mike Fontenot and Kosuke will not be playing much in the second half of the season. Reed Johnson is the Cubs' starting CF.

I was really upset to see my boy for life, Angel Guzman get injured. He is the man and always has been, but injuries have killed his career.

Stay healthy my friends.

I forgot Ryan Freel is on the team.

When Michael Hoffpauir goes out to party in Wrigleyville, he shows the babes his business card.

It says: Professional Hitter.

Ryan Theriot is one of the worst base runners in MLB.

Geo Soto is doing something different lately.

Matt Anaya


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