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Are the Cubs of old back?

By Mauricio Rubio Jr.

It was as improbable as it looked after Victor Martinez cranked a 3 run jack out of Wrigley, but it happened, and it was the usual suspects keying another comeback on the north side.

Kerry Wood returned to a very familiar place but he failed to seal the deal against the resurgent Derrek Lee in the 9th inning. Kevin Gregg watched a sloppy defense botch two plays behind him, loading up the bases, but the veteran Gregg wiggled out of the jam without allowing a run. After Soriano walked and stole second, Theriot hit a nubber to the second baseman who butchered the play, allowing both the ball to matriculate into right and Soriano to saunter on home.

The question has to be asked after a win like this, are the Cubs back? The team that scored a combined 13 runs over the last two games is the team that most Cub fans anticipated at the start of the season. A long offensive drought looks to be over in Wrigleyville, making fans wonder if they can finally relax and watch this team.

The short answer is no, this is a small sample size, and I know that Gerald Perry is going to come up sooner or later, so I’ll just say this; the arrival of Von Joshua has not keyed this rally. What has happened is that the Cubs woke up the bats and are being smarter about when they should take pitches.

Remember, a good pitcher held them in check, but they worked the counts and got into that terrible Cleveland bullpen a lot earlier than anticipated. They took a big chunk out of it too as DLEE hit two home runs and ended up with an astound 10 total bases.

Rich Harden struggled, but the bright spot was the pen that held Cleveland in check for 5 quality innings.

I’d say that the one thing Cubs fans should take away from this game is that it isn’t the old minor leaguers, nor the small gritty players that will power the Cubs to another division title and hopefully more. It will be the big boys swinging the big bats. It’s not a coincidence that once Soto, Lee, Bradley and to some extent Soriano started hitting that the Cubs looked like the 08 Cubs again.

If they are to win anything, they’ll have to do it with power, not grit.

1 comment:

  1. While I don't think by any means that they are now set for the year, it is encouraging to see some life. The old garbage offense has shown up the first several innings, so I'll be more pleased when they're driving the ball all game. We'll see how the rest of the series goes, but I'd like to see them keep some momentum.